About Us

We are on a mission to provide Customised Al for your brand at a fixed monthly fee.

Automate Digital Marketing Campaigns

PlugCMO is an artificial intelligence (AI) solution for digital marketing teams that helps them automate the optimization of digital marketing campaigns. It is hyper-personalised and customised as per the needs of each individual advertiser. It is used to analyse data from various sources, such as Google, Facebook, etc. and customer interactions, to identify areas of opportunity as well as poor performance.

Saves Time and Improve Performance

PlugCMO helps digital marketing teams save time and improve their campaign performance by automating various tasks related to campaign optimization, such as identifying underperforming elements of a campaign and suggesting ways to improve them. It also provides actionable recommendations, allowing teams to make data-driven decisions about their campaigns in a timely manner.

Our Awesome Team

Vatsal Shah

Head Acquisition (My11circle)
Ad Spend of 200Cr/month
VP Marketing (Ketto)
IIT Bombay
8 years experience


Vaibhav Srivastava

VP Growth (Limeroad)
Head Retention (My11Circle)
Growth Lead (Jiosaavn)
Growth Consultant (Swiggy)
8 years experience


Why do our clients choose us?

Better ROI

With our unmatched Al and bandits modelling, we deliver 10% better
ROl than your existing Al solutions.


We are minimum 30% cheaper than existing Al solutions in the market

Fixed Cost

The customised Al comes at no extra cost. All you need to pay is a fixed monthly cost, irrespective of your marketing spends! Now thats’ awesome, ain’t it?

Who is it for?

PlugCMO is leveraged by advertisers as well as marketing agencies alike.


Advertisers leverage PlugCMO to support their teams in optimising their performance marketing campaigns and scaling business. Manually analysing the existing campaigns with larger spends commands more than 70% of their team’s bandwidth.
With the help of PlugCMO, the time share of this task reduces to 10%. Thus the teams can now focus on planning new experiments, analysing consumer behaviour, and finding new channels and growth opportunities to scale the business.
Advertisers using agencies leverage PlugCMO to provide actionable inputs to their agencies to optimise campaigns


Agencies use PlugCMO to scale their business by managing more clients with the same number of resources. Finding skilled resources to manage client deliveries with best NPS scores is a challenge that most agencies have to face. PlugCMO, using its
customised Al for every client, empowers every human resource to manage more clients efficiently.